Prodrive Composites, a satisfied PlyMatch user

An article in Composites in Manufacturing magazine Apr-May 2023 issue describes how Prodrive Composites has been using our PlyMatch technology, in its Fixed variant.

Matt Bradney (Prodrive Composites Director of Business Development) explains:

"We used an augmented reality (AR) system to closely control the manufacturing processes and provide quality assurance on the incredibly complex and detailed hand lay-up of the rotor blades. This greatly reduces the need for laminators to measure or use templates on the job and removes any ambiguity or personal interpretation around the position and orientation of a ply piece."

Prodrive invested in multiple sets of Fixed PlyMatch AR workstations.

Matt Bradney adds:

"The PlyMatch system was an essential tool to deliver aspects of this programme and will be used again in future opportunities though not necessarily in the aerospace domain."


JEC World Show, Paris April 2023

JEC 2023

After a long absence due to the pandemic, we were happy to exhibit again at JEC in Paris. Our stand received considerable attention, especially for PlyMatch demos. This year's attendees were mostly from Europe and Asia. We were delighted to make new very useful contacts, as well discuss future opportunities with our existing users.

Visitors were very impressed by our PlyMatch demos, tried the technology for themselves and enjoyed discussing its variants, potentially customised for their specific needs.

The Laminate Tools latest version also made an impression and will no doubt gain a large number of new users. Thank you all for visiting us in Paris and we will see you again at JEC Forum Italy in Bologna on 6-7 June 2023.

New Laminate Tools version 5.1, January 2023

Laminate Tools Version 5.1 builds on the powerful features introduced with v5.0, improves functionality and stability and further enhances the capabilities of this fantastic product. A number of user-driven functions in the Design, Check and Manufacture modules, have been added.

Efficient, speedy response to user actions was further improved, with spectacular effect in some cases.

The user interface has been adapted for use with PlyMatch hardware, as with earlier versions.

A complete list of new features can be found here.

Users on active maintenance can download the new version here.

(image courtesy of XShore Production AB, Sweden)

Laminate Tools

New LAP version 4.3, February 2022

Version 4.3 is a maintenance update for LAP, addressing third-party interfaces, latest Operating System compatibility requirements, licencing method updates, as well as a significant port to the 64-bit platform.

Existing users of version 4.2 are eligible for a free upgrade. Contact our sales team for more information.

LAP 4.3

New agent for Japan, January 2022


After a long and successful relationship with Anaglyph, Mr Shunichiro Hisada of Kamo Composites retired at the end of 2021.

Anaglyph are pleased to announce that a new agent for Japan has been appointed: TodaRacing Contact: Kouichi Mizukawa Email: - Phone: 0866-83-1202

Anaglyph wish Toda Racing every success and are confident that they will promote and support the Anaglyph software products in the best possible way.

New Laminate Tools version 5.0, October 2021

Version 5.0 marks a major milestone for Laminate Tools. Apart from the many visible new important features, a number of fundamental technologies are introduced behind the scenes to improve efficiency and lay the ground for important future changes. In particular:

  • The underlying data engine has been redeveloped, so that data storage and manipulation are carried out in ways aligned with current user requirements, for maximum efficiency when applying simulations or collecting information for graphical presentation or export.
  • The 3-D model graphics engine has been totally rewritten to support the latest OpenGL standard, taking advantage of state-of-the-art graphics hardware capabilities, and extending product life significantly.
  • The Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been thoroughly redesigned. Application windows may now be floating, docked, tabbed, grouped or hidden, delivering a custom screen layout that improves productivity further, while legacy arrangements are possible for a smoother transition.
  • A comprehensive list of new features can be found here.

    Users on active maintenance can download the new version here, and additionally request a licence upgrade by email.

Laminate Tools

Anaglyph at JEC CONNECT, June 2021


Anaglyph exhibited at the new virtual JEC CONNECT show on 1-2 June 2021. After the first shock of lockdown, we all had to adapt to new ways to do business, and new ways to communicate. We missed JEC Composites 2020, we missed the physical JEC Composites 2021. This year, our virtual booth concentrated on latest developments with Laminate Tools and PlyMatch.

The show was exciting, with a great conference program and many exhibitors. We met prospects by Video chat and discussed future needs.

New Laminate Tools version 4.10, June 2020

Laminate Tools Version 4.10 delivers important user-driven features in the Design, Analysis, Check and Manufacture modules, as well as in the User Interface.

Considerable effort has been devoted to speeding up and enriching important functionalities that can save design time and build a better structural component. Attention has been paid to improving and extending interfaces to third-party partner products, in both CAD and FEA domains.

We continue to offer unparalleled value for money in this fantastic product, especially important at a time of uncertainty and difficult choices in all industries. A complete list of new features can be found here

Users on active maintenance can download the new version here.

Laminate Tools

FSAE Italy, July 2019

FSAE Italy

We are delighted to announce that the 3 winners of FSAE Italia 2019 (Formula Society of Automotive Engineers) event in Varano de’ Melegari, in the main categories are all Laminate Tools users. It is worth noting that they had all attended our Italian agent SmartCAE's course on composites design and planning.

  • Category Combustion: Dynamis PRC Politecnico di Milano
  • Category Electric: Squadra Corse Politecnico di Torino
  • Category Driverless: Sapienza Corse Roma.

Congratulations to them!

The official FSAE Italy 2019 results can be found here.

You can read more about this competition in Gazzetta dello Sport.

PlyMatch in the news - June 2019

An article in the last issue of Composites in Manufacturing, Augmented Reality improves ply lay-up, by Lou Reade, features our PlyMatch technology, a visual control system that helps the operator position plies more accurately onto a tool - including their fibre orientation.

"This is particularly useful for highly curved parts, as operators need to know where the fibres are meant to go … it helps to make the process more repeatable – overcoming factors such as different operators making the same part … Because the work is captured on camera, it means that recordings of each operation can be made. This is a useful feature for quality control purposes. Often, lay-up is carried out by a sub-contractor. A recording of the process – in which the creation of each part is carefully documented – acts as ‘proof’ that a job has been done properly. It records not just the operator laying the plies, but the augmented reality overlays – to ensure that the correct instructions were followed."

Composites in Manufacturing, June 2019.

Read the full article here or Read the Full Magazine here


New Laminate Tools version 4.9, June 2019

Laminate Tools

Laminate Tools Version 4.9 delivers a number of user-requested new features in the Design, Analysis, Check and Manufacture modules.

Ply and Element Set pools enable much better interactive management of data. A review of mirroring for existing and new objects now gives faster results. Basic geometric entities can be created and used in ply design. Numerous additions to the post-processing functionality ensure once again that Laminate Tools offers unparalleled value for money with innovative features and great technical support. A complete list of new functions can be found here

Users on active maintenance can download the new version here.

Anaglyph at JEC World 2019, Mar 2019

Another very successful and busy JEC show in Paris, where the numerous visitors at our stand had the opportunity to see the latest developments to the unique PlyMatch™ ply placement visual technology in action, as well as our software products Laminate Tools, LAP and CoDA.

As every year, we were delighted to meet users of our products from across the world, as well as many new visitors to our stand. We had a lot of constructive discussions about future developments for our products, which could lead to exciting collaborative projects. Delegate turnout was excellent, and we noted how the PlyMatch system continues to impress and inspire, especially those coming across it for the first time.

Sincere thanks to all visitors for their enthusiastic comments on our innovative technology.

Anaglyph JEC 2019

PlyMatch applied to complex defense/aerospace applications, Oct 2018

PlyMatch used at Systima

The October issue of CompositesWorld Magazine features an article on Advancing composites through virtual and augmented reality, by Karen Mason. It includes a testimonial of Eric Wightman, director of structures and advanced materials, at Systima Technologies, Kirkland, WA, manufacturers of energetic systems and components primarily for defense and space applications.

At Systima, PlyMatch is used for manufacturing a nose cone developed for a hypersonic application. It is about 175 cm long with a diameter of about 63 cm. It is laid up in two halves, using a female mold.

"Using PlyMatch, manufacturing the nose cone and similar components has proven efficient and straightforward … When the composites staff is ready to build a component, an operator performs PlyMatch’s initial calibration and is ready to begin layup in less than 5 minutes."

Wightman contends that an operator who already knows how to perform layup can be trained and proficient with PlyMatch in an afternoon. He estimates that layup of a complete flight set (two halves) would take at least twice as long as the current three weeks if it were performed using templates and ply books.

"In hypersonic programs, it is imperative to get it right. Raw materials alone may be worth US$30,000 per nose cone, and there may be 1,700 pieces in one ply kit."

Read the article --- Read or download the full magazine.

New Laminate Tools version 4.8, June 2018

Laminate Tools Version 4.8 introduces a substantial number of new features in the Design, Analysis, Check and Manufacture modules.

A new option for ply Forming will address a longstanding user request. A new mesher for CAD import delivers better and faster results. Functions to manipulate the mesh, plies and layup have been improved. Across the board, modules have been enriched with features based almost exclusively on user input, enabling us to offer unparalleled value for money in this fantastic product. A complete list of new features can be found here

Users on active maintenance can download the new version here.

Laminate Tools

Laminate Tools interface within Altair HyperMesh, October 2017

LT HyperMesh

The latest version of Altair HyperMesh 2017 includes the long awaited integration with Laminate Tools.

This new interface will be very useful to HyperMesh users, as it allows access to the Laminate Tools draping simulation from inside the HyperMesh environment, for accurate property tables as well as easy export of the finalized ply configuration to Laminate Tools, for later post processing and ready for manufacturing data creation.

New Laminate Tools version 4.7, June 2017

Laminate Tools Version 4.7 brings a number of enhancements to the FEA and CAD interfaces and adds exciting new features in the Design, Check and Manufacture modules.

Most file interface implementations have been revised from the ground up for significant future gains, dynamic complex real/imaginary results are supported, failure envelopes are plotted, the interface has several user enhancements, the Manufacturing output is further enriched, and more

Users on active maintenance can download the new version here.

Laminate Tools

Drexel University uses Laminate Tools for SpaceX Hyperloop competition, Feb 2017


The Drexel University Hyperloop Team was one of 31 selected from over 1,700 designs to build, test, and present their design in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competition. The Hyperloop system, as imagined by Elon Musk, will allow people to travel at 700-plus miles an hour in pressurized capsules that levitate above a small pocket of air in a reduced-pressure tube. The challenge was to build an efficient, sustainable, fifth method of transportation that relies solely on renewable energy as its power source. Laminate Tools was Drexel Uni's choice design and manufacturing tool.

Nestor Castaneda, from Drexel Hyperloop Team says:

" Thank you so much Anaglyph for your support. I found the software's capabilities great! We used Laminate Tools to generate the flat patterns for the layup process, which helped us immensely in efficiently manufacturing the carbon fiber shell … Not only does this ensure a seamless manufacturing process, but also saves you time in case later on you need to get a teammate inside the pod to drill some holes.…"

More in Drexel Hyperloop Blog, Feb 2017

Joint NPL/Anaglyph SEMINAR, April 2016

The Anaglyph / National Physical Laboratory (NPL) Seminar attracted a full audience and delegates spent a day learning about our products CoDA, LAP, Laminate Tools and PlyMatch™, our unique ply placement visual control system.

PlyMatch, a key tool for cutting assembly costs, June 2015

ACE CraneTourPM

As part of a multi-stop tour of various businesses in Central Indiana, USA, the Indianapolis National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), along with several key personnel from Naval Surface Warfare Center(NSWC)- Crane, visited ACE (Applied Composites Engineering) this summer. The purpose of the tour was to provide insight and highlight some of the work going on in Indianapolis and surrounding communities at facilities who provide services to support US security and the warfighter. ACE was happy to demonstrate some of the advanced composite work going on.

ACE President & Founder Leigh Sargent describes the PlyMatch technology to Captain Jeffrey “JT” Elder, Commanding Officer of NSWC Crane, and others during a tour of ACE on 29 June 2015. He shows how ACE uses PlyMatch ply placement technology "to speed layup of complex-shaped parts and eliminate costly secondary assembly and bonding."

ACE (Applied Composites Engineering) news, June 2015

PlyMatch in CompositesWorld magazine, May 2015

CW article

Sara Black, CW's Technical Editor, put together a very interesting Feature on laser projection, including PlyMatch™ in a "Camera-based ply placement" special insert

"Although it is not based on laser projection, Anaglyph’s (London, UK)camera-based PlyMatch system serves the same purposes as today’s other ply-placement systems: to aid ply layup and part assembly and provide the additional benefts of tracking and validating process steps… Each ply is always shown correctly in relation to the mold, even as the mold or camera is moved.This flexibility makes PlyMatch a good tool for complex, curved and deep-draw molds, like that shown above, where laser projection has difficulty.This system gives visual access even when the structure has deep cavities…"

CompositesWorld Magazine, May 2015

Read the full article here, with Camera-based ply placement insert at the end.

PlyMatch in High Performance Composites magazine, September 2014

HPC article

"Applied Composites Engineering (ACE, Indianapolis, Ind.) is manufacturing a heated inlet, part of a proprietary antiicing system designed by Cox & Co. (Plainview, N.Y.) for AgustaWestland’s (Cascina Costa di Samarate, Italy) new twin-engine, medium-lift AW189 helicopter…"

High Performance Composites magazine, September 2014, Page 82

Read the full article here.

PlyMatch™ in helicopter manufacturing, Dec 2013


ACE, Applied Composites Engineering, the Indianapolis based aerospace manufacturer, is using PlyMatch to produce heated inlets for Cox & Company's latest helicopter.

The complex-shaped inlet goes on the AW189, a new 8 tonne class, multi-role helicopter.

PlyMatch is used to manufacture this complex geometry inlet, eliminating the need for costly secondary assembly and bonding.

One of the first users of PlyMatch in aerospace, ACE has now acquired a number of extra PlyMatch units as their tool of choice to assembling complex composite parts including cavities or highly curved.

ACE Quarterly Newsletter, Dec 2013.


Anaglyph products covered in JEC magazine, March 2013

JEC article 2013

"Speed and accuracy: …essential manufacturing parameters in the F1 sector. Read how the Marussia F1 Team have chosen to use Anaglyph products to design and manufacture their car."

In an interview, Chief Designer John McQuilliam comments:

"Laminate Tools allows us to accurately define a laminate with each ply boundary fully defined within the 3D CAD environment as it will be in the real component… The PlyMatch system removes interpretation from the manufacturing process, thus improving the repeatability of component weight, stiffness and strength."

JEC Magazine Special JEC Europe 2013 issue No79 p.21-22

Read the full article here.

Lotus F1 adopt Laminate Tools as a primary tool (October 2012)

Lotus F1

The technology inside a modern Formula One car more resembles that of a modern fighter jet than of the cars we drive to go to work. Research never comes to an end and, typically, during the course of an F1 season lap times can improve in excess of 1.5 seconds.

Steve Diamond, Deputy Head of Stress Department for Lotus F1 Team, explains:

"At Lotus F1 all our engineers constantly strive to improve the performance of the car. In the Stress Department our focus is not solely on providing lightweight structures capable of contending with the ever increasing loads due to the relentless aerodynamic development but we must also provide sufficiently stiff structures to improve vehicle handling… To this end, our engineers are required to make many design iterations within the tight deadlines available in order to arrive at an optimized solution".

Despite operating much closer to their structural limits than their aerospace counterparts, Formula One cars are today very safe vehicles to drive thanks to the advanced tools available to the group of engineers that form the Stress Analysis Department at Lotus F1 Team.

Steve Diamond continues:

"After evaluating Anaglyph's Laminate Tools, we have now adopted this package as our primary tool in the Stress based ply definition of our chassis laminate and structurally critical composite components. This software has dramatically reduced laminate analysis turnaround times whilst providing a more optimized FEA process within the demanding timescales and allows for more detailed results interrogation with ease. Together with Anaglyph's excellent customer support the transition to Laminate Tools has been seamless, as well as being fully compatible for bi-directional data exchange with our other established composites design tools".

Lotus FEA

New plug-ins for Laminate Tools: Rhino and Femap (September 2012)


Building on the experience with the SolidWorks - Laminate Tools interface, a plug-in for the popular Rhinoceros 3D CAD application has been developed by Anaglyph Ltd. It allows Rhino users to create draped plies and a basic layup from within Rhino, accessing Laminate Tools remotely.

A similar interface for Femap has also been developed by our Italian partners SmartCAE. This is available directly by the developers.

New LAP version 4.2, August 2012

The new LAP version 4.2 introduces user-requested features, such as transverse stress calculation, z-offsets for mechanical loads, and strain-based strength definition.


PlyMatch™ improvements, September 2011

A number of software updates to the PlyMatch™ system have improved its usability, as well as offering a variant that is much more affordable. Get in contact with our sales team for more information.

Anaglyph at the SAMPE Show, Long Beach (CA, USA) May 2011

We were very pleased to exhibit at the Long Beach event, jointly with our USA agents, ACE Inc. New, exciting opportunities will be explored through the numerous new contacts made.

The upgraded PlyMatch™ system attracted considerable and genuine interest (first time it was publicly shown on US soil), and the latest version of Laminate Tools was a welcome discovery to several visitors.

Many thanks to all visitors and partners.

Anaglyph Exhibition Stand at SAMPE Long Beach 2011

Laminate Tools helps Cervélo design team (February 2011)

Cervelo article

Cervélo's Vroomen White Design group combined analysis and manufacturing acumen to create a 675g/1.5 lb composite frame, the lightest pro racing frame available today. Read how Laminate Tools helped them achieve this remarkable goal in the full article, in February's issue of Composites Technology Magazine

PlyMatch™ upgrade, June 2010

The PlyMatch system has been upgraded in a number of ways, rendering it more powerful while reducing its cost for yet better value for money.

A new integrated camera probe has been designed with four-face tracking, offering much improved functionality and robustness in complex operations. The probe itself can also be used for simple tactile measurements such as for tool calibration, removing the need for additional hardware.

PlyMatch camera probe
PlyMatch control unit

In addition, the control unit and software are now more versatile by allowing multiple connected probes for a number of alternative configurations.

Updated CoDA version 3.3 released, June 2010

The NPL Composite Component Design Analysis application (CoDA) has been overhauled with UNICODE support and state of the art help pages. The updated version now works seamlessly on all Windows versions in any language configuration. A new installation environment also delivers both SI and British Units variants in a single package. Existing users of version 3.3 can download a free upgrade via our Support page.

Laminate Tools used extensively with ANSYS at Nemo Engineering

Laminate Tools screenshot showing non-standard shape cover designed by Nemo Engineering

Nemo Engineering AS have confirmed the value of Laminate Tools in a demanding Ansys design environment and have increased the number of Laminate Tools licences held at their facility at Lysaker, Norway. According to Kjetil Antonsen

"By using Laminate Tools as a pre- and post-processor to Ansys we have reduced the analysis time significantly for our products. Problem areas are quickly identified while the number of FE solving processes can be reduced to a minimum. Laminate Tools enables us to deliver Protection Covers for subsea applications with very short lead time".

The screen shot shows an example non-standard shape cover in Laminate Tools. Most often these covers are tailor-made to fit the items they are designed to protect. The loading for the covers are various lifting and upending configurations, impact (up to 350 kJ), trawl loads from fishing equipment and various project specific loads.

Nemo Engineering have engineered and delivered approximately 2500 metric tonnes of these protection covers for the last 10-12 years.

Altair UK composites day seminar, November 2008

A one-day event was held by Altair UK at Gaydon. We participated actively and showed how our Laminate Tools application is integrated with Altair Hyperworks, to deliver a great combination of two popular products for composites analysts. The seminar was very well attended and the content of the presentations was superb. Sincere thanks and congratulations to Altair UK for organising this event.

ANSYS UK Conference, October 2008

A paper was presented on the well established Laminate Tools / ANSYS integration, at the ANSYS UK 2008 User Conference, 28-30 October, Oxford. ANSYS users benefit enormously by this functionality.

New contact details for our Japanese agent

For enquiries in Japan, please contact Kamo Composite:

Mr Shunichiro Hisada,

Tel/Fax: +81-561-36-7385.

Laminate Tools used extensively for the latest LOLA LMP2 race car

Speedy Racing Team Sebah Lola B08/80 LMP2 Coupe

The Speedy Racing Team Sebah Lola B08/80 LMP2 Coupe car competes in the LMES in Europe and raced at the Le Mans 24hr race in June. It recently finished 2nd in class on its debut race at Barcelona which far exceeded all expectations at this early stage of the car's development.

The chassis is also used by Charouz Racing in the LMP1 category (known as a Lola B08/60 LMP1 Coupe), this car is powered by Aston Martin. This car also ran well in Barcelona, finishing in 3rd place overall and in class, again far exceeding all expectations.

The screen shot of the chassis shows Laminate Tools being used to define the full composite ply layup and then create property cards for use in Altair Hypermesh. Laminate Tools was also used for all FEA post-processing.

Pictures courtesy of John Brooks and Lola Cars International Ltd

Lola model

Ply Placement Visual Aid system, October 2007


We are pleased to announce the commercial availability of our innovative solution for accurately and correctly placing plies in hand-layup manufacture.

The PlyMatch™ system is precise, simple to use and is fully portable.

London Development Agency Award, September 2007

Sincere thanks to the LDA (London Development Agency) for their Award to Anaglyph's Ply Placement Visual Aid System project, as one of the most innovative of 2006/07.

In the photo, Anaglyph's MD Dr George Kretsis is receiving the award from Lord Winston and LDA's Rebecca Shepheard.

The outcome of the project, the new PlyMatch™ technology, is now commercially available.

Anaglyph MD Dr George Kretsis receiving LDA award

Michigan State University Formula Racing Team sponsors, September 2007

Michigan State University Formula SAE racing car

Anaglyph are sponsoring the team from Michigan State University for this year's Formula Racing competition, and our Laminate Tools software will be used in the design of the racing car that will represent the team.

Adam Zemke, Operations Consultant for the team, said:

"In the exceedingly competitive realm of Formula SAE, composite structures are vital to a team's success. Each team is given the task of designing, manufacturing, validating, and racing a new car annually. Laminate Tools will enable our team to be confident in the validation of our composites, thus lowering the time and cost involved in production. The composite visualization technology offered by Laminate Tools will enable quality manufacturing, giving Michigan State University a competitive edge."

Anaglyph becomes ANSYS Enhanced Solution Partner, July 2007

Following our successful implementation and application of the Ansys interface for Laminate Tools, our relationship with Ansys has now been formalised. Anaglyph has become an Ansys Enhanced Solution Partner, reflecting our dedication to maintaining and further developing interfaces between our software solutions and Ansys.

Anaglyph now supplying NX Nastran, May 2007

NX Nastran (a Siemens PLM Software product, formerly UGS) is now available through Anaglyph. NX Nastran is a powerful Finite Element Analysis environment that major manufacturers worldwide rely on for their critical engineering computing needs. It is a natural complement to our Laminate Tools package, delivering a complete solution for design, analysis and manufacture of composite structures. Visit our NX Nastran product pages for more information.

Laminate Tools support for Ansys

Version 3.1 was yet another significant move forward for Laminate Tools. Support for the native Ansys input and output file formats has been added (Feb 2006), but also overall functionality has been significantly improved with features such as sub-layup definitions.

With the optional aid of a CAD system, or of a supported Finite Element Analysis package, numerous tasks can be achieved that address the design, analysis and manufacture stages of composite product design.

Full details in the LT product pages.


CoDA version 3.3

The latest version 3.3 of CoDA introduced:

  • better support for Sandwich Panels and Beams, with calculations for honeycomb properties and local skin buckling modes.
  • interactive calculations for Laminate moisture uptake, heat diffusion and GRP fatigue.

CoDA British Units variant

CoDA is also available in a variant that works with British units, as opposed to the original that works with SI units. The new variant will make CoDA even more attractive to the US market. Data files remain unchanged, so that data can be seamlessly shared by the two variants.

Agents for Italy

We are pleased to announce that SmartCAE are now our Laminate Tools agents for Italy (May 2004). We wish them every success and we are confident that they will promote and support Laminate Tools in the best possible way.