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What does Laminate Tools do?

Laminate Tools is a powerful Windows application aimed at the professional composites designer. It addresses the entire Design-Analysis-Check-Manufacture group process of structural design, but focuses on the composite material features. It is a tool that links the various disciplines, communicates original data between departments, ensures proper understanding of the structure, offers in-depth checks and saves valuable team time.



"After evaluating Anaglyph's Laminate Tools, we have now adopted this package as our primary tool in the Stress based ply definition of our chassis laminate and structurally critical composite components. This software has dramatically reduced laminate analysis turnaround times whilst providing a more optimized FEA process within the demanding timescales and allows for more detailed results interrogation with ease. Together with Anaglyph's excellent customer support the transition to Laminate Tools has been seamless, as well as being fully compatible for bi-directional data exchange with our other established composites design tools."
Steve Diamond, Deputy Head of Stress Department, Lotus F1 Team.

"Laminate Tools was used for the design of the full composite ply layup, for the creation of FEA property cards and for all post-processing for the Speedy Racing Team Sebah Lola B08/80 LMP2 Coupe, a car that exceeded all expectations in early races during 2008."
        Paul Rennie, Senior Composites Engineer, Lola Cars International Ltd, UK
"The user-friendly interface of Laminate Tools has proved very useful in the creation of complex laminates. Moreover, the ply book export is an extremely useful feature for ply-by-ply check and lay-up visualization."
        Luca Furbatto, McLaren Racing, UK
"Certainly, on a cost / performance basis Laminate Tools would be my recommendation.  My experience with the code has been quite satisfactory.  Anaglyph has been very responsive in being able to meet my specific needs in the past in a very timely manner."
        Dan Molligan, McAps Inc., USA

Users import surface models from almost any CAD system and define composite materials, plies and layup using a state-of-the-art graphical user interface. Ply producibility can be evaluated immediately using proven draping simulation algorithms to identify potential manufacturing difficulties, meaning fewer change orders downstream.

Data for finite element analysis purposes are generated seamlessly, ensuring that analysis models reflect the design intent. Results from the finite element analysis can be checked in detail using advanced composites failure criteria, and weak areas identified rapidly.

Manufacturing data such as flat patterns are produced to ensure efficient use of manufacturing data. Finally, Laminate Tools can be used as an electronic ply book to communicate the complex structure of composite components and structures to clients, subcontractors and the shop floor.


Key benefits

  • It is focused on laminated composites.
  • It bridges the Design-Analysis-Manufacture domains.
  • It supports industry standard file formats, through the use of Simulayt's proven Layup Technology.
  • It offers powerful composites visualisation and becomes invaluable in simply examining a design and pinpointing troublesome areas where composite properties must be reviewed.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It offers an effective method to communicate information securely and up to date, both within and across organisations.
  • It can be used to view past designs for reference purposes, without the need for the original software that was used for the creation, and without running the risk of incurring accidental changes.

Unique features

  • Hierarchical tree view showing object inter-relations (select a node to show relations elsewhere in tree)
  • Interactive "select to interrogate" ability across three views (tree view / 3D graphics / text information)
  • Very easy interface for global Layup definition and modifications, with multi-level undo/redo
  • Log of Layup changes maintained on file, for quality control
  • Support for two sub-Layup levels, for easier handling
  • Easy interrogation of local layup/laminate information (text + graphics), plus global view (thickness/solid/offsets/ply drop-off)
  • Composites-related model information, such as total material area and weight, or per ply
  • Directional Stiffness contour plot for entire model
  • ANSYS support (shell model data, laminated property creation and results post-processing)
  • Complete tabular element information in one window (geometry, layup, laminate, FEA results layer by layer)
  • Layer by layer graphical view of FEA results for individual elements (including interlaminar results)
  • User-defined failure criteria
  • Interactive calculation of stresses, strains, failure indices, reserve factors, margins of safety for instant estimation of modifications.
  • Easy FEA results post-processing for a single layer/loadcase/theory or for multiple layers/loadcases/theories together, or sorted by global ply.
  • Instant enveloping of FEA results across multiple loadcases
  • Summary of FEA results for all the layers of the worst loaded elements
  • Flat pattern export: exact size option, taking layer thickness offset into account
  • Flat pattern export: extend boundary by given amount for later trimming
  • Flat pattern window for interactive adjustments, working in 2D and 3D views, and automatic generation/export of strips for each flat pattern.
  • Plybook export to HTML in multiple graphical views
  • Plybook export to Microsoft Word, with user-customised page layout and content
  • Plybook export laser projection data from layup file
  • Import/export STL interface for draping
  • Excel interfaces
  • File-open preview image for easy browsing
  • Stand-alone Windows environment (32/64 bit)
  • Floating (network) licence as standard
  • Comprehensive tutorial on CD

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