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Developing software tools almost exclusively for the Engineering sector, Anaglyph deliver truly quality products. Traditionally, we have provided engineers and researchers with powerful, handy tools for preliminary design. Then we went further, to provide cutting-edge technology software used in all aspects of industrial design, analysis and manufacture.

Our in-house expertise is mainly on advanced structural applications, in particular those employing composite materials.

  • Our software products are applicable to a wide range of sectors such as Aeronautics, Automotive, Sports and Leisure, Marine, etc., and have been adopted by a number of academic institutions for teaching and research. Anaglyph software are being used in high-technology industry since 1990.
  • We also offer consultancy services where our wide software development experience is applied to suit your needs. Are you using in-house programs, spreadsheets or routines that are not validated or unsupported? Let us transform them into state-of-the-art software that will make continued, full use of your company's expertise.
PlyMatch Laminate Tools 3D Creator NX Nastran LAP CoDA
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March 2014:

Dec 2013:

  • PlyMatch success story in the Aerospace sector.

August 2013:

March 2013:

September 2012:

February 2011:

  • Designing Bicycling's Lightest ProFrame, a success story in Composites Technology Magazine.
    “We really like Laminate Tools because it allows you to define layup patterns easily using finite elements without having to define ply edges in the surface model, making it very adaptable for lots of iterations. With other packages that require edge definitions in the CAD surface model, the hundreds of surfaces we would have to change for each iteration in this complex part make them unusable.”
    Don Guichard, director of technology and manufacturing at Vroomen White Design’s Project California research and development facility.

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If you are a material manufacturer or distributor and you would like us to include and distribute mechanical property data of your products with our software, you can e-mail us the information. Please get in contact if you need to know what kind of data are needed.

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